Everything you need to understand being gay in Muslim nations

Everything you need to understand being gay in Muslim nations

Blaming they on Islam? Not so fast

Following the Orlando massacre – perpetrated by a person from an Afghan family members background – it was noted that the nations where passing punishment for sodomy still can be applied justify it based on Islamic laws. But responsible this entirely on Islam was an oversimplification. In Egypt and Lebanon – mainly Muslim countries with extreme Christian population – thinking towards homosexuality among Christians commonly completely different from those among Muslims.

Furthermore, its obvious that prophet Muhammad never ever specified a punishment for homosexuality; it was not until some decades after his dying that Muslims started talking about what the ideal punishment may be.

Muslim condemnations of homosexuality, like those who work in Christianity, is situated generally on the tale about God’s abuse of Sodom and Gomorrah which can be recounted into the Qur’an along with the Old-Testament. Basically, the biblical and Qur’anic variations have become comparable.

The real difference is during the last 60 age or more numerous Christians have chosen to take a brand new check out the tale and concluded that it’s about attempted male rape while the ill-treatment of complete strangers in place of consensual intercourse between males. Read More